About Me


About Me

I'm a screenwriter and author originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania. While my first love is horror, romance is quickly becoming a strong runner-up. When not writing on my computer in Los Angeles, you can find me kayaking, dancing or traveling the world. 

As a screenwriter


•      ReelOne and Sunshine Films contracted with me to co-write three original romantic comedy features and ReelOne brought my writing partner and I on to do extensive re-writes on two other projects.

•       Salsera Productions contracted with me to write an original horror feature for production later this year. 

•      Amy Taylor of Story Warriors optioned my original horror feature script, CLOWNS IN THE WOODS.

•       Jason Price (POTTERSVILLE, WITHOUT MEN) of Infra-Red Pictures, Underground Jam Media, iSparked Studios and DGM Productions, have all purchased or optioned my horror scripts for production. Infra-Red also brought me back for rewrites on two other scripts.

•       My script for the 2016 short LIGHTS OUT won Best Short Script at the 2017 Big Easy Film Festival and has garnered rave reviews including, "'Lights Out' can easily go on our top ten all time mystery and suspense short movies," -feelthereeliff.com and "...director Savannah Bloch and writer Kelly Lynn Peters knew exactly what they were doing when making this impressive short."  -www.ukfilmreview.co.uk.

•       My psychological thriller STONEHOUSE was a Finalist in the 2017 PAGE International Screenwriting contest and placed in multiple years of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

•       My feature script WEST OF HELL (fantasy/western/horror) was a quarter-finalist for the Nicholl's Fellowship and placed in multiple years of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition and the PAGE script contests.

•       I spent two years as a Development Executive to Oscar-winning writer/director Bobby Moresco (CRASH, THE BLACK DONNELLYS).

•       I have an MFA in screenwriting from USC, graduating with Distinction honors.